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Life Got in the Way

It's been too long -- as the saying goes, life simply got in the way.

life got in the way

So I'm making a conscious effort to get back to bloging at least on a semi regular basis. Here's hoping I can stick to that commitment!

So what happened ?

For the last 5 years I've been travelling the world leading the life of a digital nomad, hopping from one country to another, exploring this fabulous planet we share. As I write this blog post I'm currently travelling by bicycle ("bikepacking") across the north coast of Italy. The starting point for this trip was the North Coast of France and so far it's taken over 2000km. By the time it's over it will probably be a further 2000km and I'll be somewhere in Germany. At that point I'll pack the bike in a box and fly it back to Ireland.

In case you're unfamiliar, bikepacking is not like your typical road riding cycling affair. Normally you utilize a sturdier (and as a result heavier) bicycle which is typically loaded with panniers which contain your stuff (clothes, laptop, etc.). In my case it's a trusty steel framed "Sutra" bike from Kona cycles. It's not possible to race around the place with this type of configuration as you're just carrying too much weight -- average speed is around 20km/ph, depending on terrain of course. This is my bike:

fully loaded kona sutra from bikepacking trip

What next?

At least in terms of this blog, I plan on keeping it up to date with the usual type of material; technical articles relating to topics I encounter on a day to day basis as well as topics of interest to me; e.g. digital privacy & security.