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Gmail Labs Is an Awful Looking Mess!

I'm a Gmail convert. Althou, I must say, the idea of Google "managing" my email still makes me a little queasy since it's essentially a realtime record of all my life online. Anyway, moving along..

I recently wanted to check out these new emoticons that they've released via Gmail Labs.  In case you don't already know, Gmail Labs is the playground for all sorts of addons which allow you to personalize and customize Gmail to your preferences.  Don't get me wrong, I think Labs is a great addition to gmail but having to wade your way thru this awful looking mess of a page just to find the addon you're looking for, is crazy! Just look at how ridiculous this page looks!

Since labs effectively builds itself, isn't it about time that the Gmail folks open their eyes and realise that this is an area which is going to only get bigger?

So, rant number 1, for Google is: Please clean up labs, it's a mess. Add a search and categorize the damn thing. You are the mighty google, with all your resources it should look and function at least every little bit like the firefox addons site.