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TextBuddy - Free SMS Webtexts

What is Text Buddy?

TextBuddy is an application which allows you to send FREE text messages online. It’s always running so it’s instantly accessible and has a built in address book for storing your favourite texting contacts: "text buddy sits in the system tray" O2, Vodafone and Meteor offer 300 FREE web texts per month, but the catch is the texts must be sent via their website. Using this quota is therefore somewhat painful since it requires you having to login to a website every time you want to send a text message. TextBuddy removes this need and makes it easy to quickly send text messages, for free to your friends and family, or even your work colleagues!

How do I send free SMS messages?

Using TextBuddy is easy - once you’ve entered your login details for your provider you simply choose a contact from your TextBuddy phonebook, enter a message and click send- it’s that simple! "text buddy sits in the system tray"

How do I get TextBuddy?

TextBuddy works on all versions of Windows from XP upwards. For Linux users you can install and run TextBuddy using wine. Download TextBuddy by clicking the download button below:

"TextBuddy is malware, spyware and adware free!"

What networks are supported?

  • O2 Ireland
  • Vodafone Ireland
  • Meteor Ireland
  • Eircom/eMobile Ireland
  • Three Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

TextBuddy is not working for me! – what’s wrong ? IMPORTANT: The biggest mistake people make when trying TextBuddy is putting their mobile phone PIN number into the PIN/Password field of TextBuddy – THIS IS NOT CORRECT. You must put your “My o2″/”My Vodafone” PIN/Password in there instead. If you don’t have this then you need to go to your mobile providers homepage and register there first.

I don’t get it – Why bother using TextBuddy ? Mobile Service providers such as O2 and Vodafone give you free monthly SMS messages online. At the time of writing Vodafone gives you 300 (over 30 euros worth) and O2 give you 250 (over 25 euros worth) PER MONTH so the question has to be asked why not use them all INSTEAD of paying for them by sending the messages with your phone? The answer: Save money – use TextBuddy.

How come i can’t do XXX in TextBuddy? TextBuddy is constantly being improved – TextBuddy also features automatic updates to alert you when new versions become available.