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After 2 Months Waiting, It's Finally Here...

I've been waiting over two months and today, I finally received the phonecall saying the courier would deliver it -- my Embody chair from Herman Miller.

For the last 5-6 months I have been sitting in something quite like this:

This is my upgrade:

It's early days yet as I'm still getting used to all the adjustable bits.. but it's very, very comfortable.

Ohhh.. Nmap 5.00 Released

July 16, 2009 -- Insecure.Org is pleased to announce the immediate,  free availability of the Nmap Security Scanner version 5.00 from http://nmap.org/. This is the first stable release since 4.76 (last September), and the first major release since the 4.50 release in 2007. Dozens of development releases led up to this.

Considering all the changes, we consider this the most important Nmap release since 1997, and we recommend that all current users upgrade.

Firefox Addons Which You Just Cannot Live Without (Part 1)

Okay, this is my ultra brief list of essential Firefox addons. This is part 1 of more to come. Many of these addons are web development centric.

Here we go..

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the ultimate solution to blocking unwanted, annoying banner ads. It supports configurable rulesets allowing you to block everything from absolute url's to entire domains.  Once installed, be sure to subscribe to a ruleset (Doctor Von Evil's is the one I always choose!). I like to modify the default options so that it doesn't display a "block" tab on flash and java objects - if you too find the "block" tab annoying then seek out this option!

WebDeveloper Toolbar

Obviously, this one must get a mention; no web developer should be without it.


An embedded, advanced eyedropper and colour selection tool for Firefox - no web developer should be without it! Be sure to enable to automatic clipboard copy features from within the Options context menu once you have it installed!  Get Colorzilla here..


Yet another must have web development addon - this small addon adds a ruler button to your firefox statusbar. Once clicked, it allows you to measure distances/objects on a webpage, ideal for creating pixel perfect web pages!

Screenshot Capturing

Now, my first choice here would probably be Fireshot, since it's extremely feature rich. Unfortunately thou, it doesn't work with Firefox 3.5 or Linux.  Instead,  Iimmgg.com tools for Firefox does the job. Iimmgg allows you to quickly take screenshots of webpage; it supports capturing the full page,  visible area, or select (user defined) area.


This small little extension is a great timesaver when it comes to building webpages. Put simply, it allows you to reload a page every few seconds. This saves me lots of time - I can just kick this thing off and have it refreshing automatically, while I code up my pages or adjust stylesheets etc.

Dream Job: Tom From MySpace

I just read on mashable.com that Tom from myspace is paid $500,000 a year to NOT work:

According to The Business Insider, Tom is getting a $500,000 year contract to take an “ambassador’s role” and “stop coming to the office.” In other words, half a million dollars a year to not do much of anything other than remain the official face of the site.

What a lucky, lucky man!

E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress

The National Security Agency is facing renewed scrutiny over the extent of its domestic surveillance program, with critics in Congress saying its recent intercepts of the private telephone calls and e-mail messages of Americans are broader than previously acknowledged, current and former officials said. Read the rest over at the NY Times website...

Jokes aside, this is pretty worrying, although I suppose it doesn't come as a surprise.  I feel somewhat more comfortable given that I live in Europe but the day will come (or maybe it has already?) when this kind of policy will be commonplace.

My New T-Shirt

I like to collect various things, from music to dark chocolates to different types of mustards. Recently a friend sent me a link to a kinda weird looking T-Shirt which had apparently become an "internet phenomenon".

It looks like this:

Initially, when the T-Shirt first went on sale it received a few joke reviews and for reasons which I still haven't got my head around, this sparked off massive sales. Countless rave reviews followed as the item rocketed to the top sellers list on Amazon:

"When I put this T-shirt on for the first time, my wife left me! Thank you, Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt," wrote one wag, while another said that "the Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt gave me a +10 resistance to energy attacks, +8 Strength... and I have successfully solved 7 crimes in my city".

I felt impulsed (is that even a word?) to buy it, probably because it kinda looked "different". I ordered it shortly after I read the article (must be two weeks ago now) and it arrived today. Shortly after its arrival I pronounced it my favourite T-Shirt, ha ha!

Maybe this marks the start of my, unusual T-Shirt collection? :D

Opening a Gnome Terminal Inside the Current Directory From Within Nautilus

I'm really starting to like the freedom from windows that debian is giving me. Tonight I needed to do some quick en masse directory manipulation via the shell, only I was browsing the directory via nautilus.

As Apple would say, "there's an app for that", simply install the following package:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal

Once I'd done this I needed to restart nautilus, I did this by simply issuing a

killall -1 nautilus

And voila, I now have a right click "open in terminal" option: [caption id="attachment_245" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="Very handy!"][/caption] Just what I was looking for!